Email follow up with Hunt’s office, emailing Appleton

I emailed Rep. Hunt’s legislative assistant to find out if there had been anything new after our meeting. At the time Hunt said he’d talk to the state government committee staff. She had no news, but said that she’d follow up with Hunt for me.

Also, I’m emailing Rep. Sherry Appleton this afternoon to prompt her on the idea. She’d been in front of the paid-per-signature ban (see the post below). I think the printer petition idea would be a nice counter weight.

UPDATE: My email:

Rep. Appleton,

Thank you for sponsoring and for speaking out on banning the paid-per-signature model for initiative campaigns. I agree with you that the current way of doing things in regards to initiatives gives far to much power to the well-funded campaigns.

Something else you should consider is reducing the minimum size of initiative petitions to 8.5 by 11. Right now, Washington has the largest minimum size in the country at 11 by 14 inches. By reducing the minimum size of the petition, you allow anyone to print out a petition and circulate it.

I have discussed this idea with my representative, Sam Hunt, who said he would talk about it with the staff of the State Government committee. I have also written about my research on this idea here:

Emmett O’Connell


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