Having met Rep. Brendan Williams

The meeting went well, I was early (way early) and so I scoured the first floor of the office building he's in for a nice bench so I could enjoy their nice public wifi. I ended up settling for an almost falling apart chair left outside a hearing room. No public seating in the John O'Brien building?

Rep. Sam Hunt walked by while I was waiting, and asked if the teacher had sent me out into the hall. Nope, only place I could find to sit down.

I had a two page handout for Rep. Williams, including this text (including a typo I caught while waiting), some proposed bill text (Nixon's without the width and height reference) and my example.

Anyway, Rep. Williams seemed supportive of my idea, even when I told him it had been sponsored by Rep. Toby Nixon a few years before. He said he'd look into why it didn't pass three years ago, and that I should approach the above mentioned Rep. Hunt about it too since he sits on the right committee. I did know this, but I had another reason to go talk to Rep. Williams first and I wanted to get that under my belt before I went to Hunt.

Not that I was nervous, I just didn't know what to expect.

I did serve up some of the criticisms of the idea, specifically the one that I've had the most probles refuting: that reducing the petition size to a commonly used size of paper would increase the amount of initiative fraud. Folks faking petitions, stuff like that.

Rep. Williams, though, responded quickly saying that that sort of thing could happen now if someone really wanted to do it, which has been my only response. Awesome.

All around, good first meeting.


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