No online petition for College not Combat

Got a response back from the Seattle campaign. No dice on online petition and they have a couple of interesting reasons:

Hi Emmett,
sorry for the late response. No, unfortunately, we are not going to have them available online. We want to use union printers for all petitions and having them online would allow our opponents too much room to mess with our efforts, if you know what I mean.

The mention of the union bug made me retrack my thoughts, and I realized that every campaign that I cite for putting a petition online is a conservative initiative campaign. All of Tim Eyman’s, the pro-sprawl campaign and the I-912 group posted their peitions, but I-937 (Clean Energy) isn’t. Makes me think there is a deeper D vs. R split on this thing and it may have to do with the union bug.

Also, she mentioned the fraud theme, which is something I have to follow up on. The question is whether states with 8.5×11 petitions run into a higher rate of initiative fraud.


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