Signature gatherers can be annoying

Kayne writes about going to the mall:

Paid Signature Gatherers at Westfield
The conservatives are out in force this season. While at Westfield Shopping Center in Tukwila I was approached by two different signature gatherers. When asked, they identified themselves as paid signature gatherers working for Tim Eyman.

I was not surprised by the first request as it happened in the parking lot outside the mall. The second signature gatherer approached me in the food court, which was a bit off-putting. The signature gatherer seemed to be doing a brisk business in eroding civil rights, and didn't quite seem to understand when I said I'm a Democrat and am deeply offended by the Initiative and by her.

One of the reasons that I want to see 8.5×11 initiative petitions is that it would favor ideas that friends would pass along to friends, against ideas that you would need to pay signature gatherers to head to the mall for. Not that I'm against signature gathering in malls, actually a bit of democracy is the middle of concrete & commerce heaven is refreshing.


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