Analysis of Michigan bill to shrink petition sizes to 8.5 by 11

I found a legislative analysis on HB 4328, which would shrink Michigan's initiative petitions to standard printer page. The bill passed their house 100-7 last year, but has not yet been discussed in the Senate. Most interesting parts are the arguments for and against:


Providing the option of eight-and-one-half by eleven petition sheets would make them more accessible to people through modern means, such as downloading from the Internet, faxing, and e-mail. This will be a public service to citizens who want to circulate petitions to get proposals on the ballot. The bill makes no change to other requirements, whether the content of petitions, the number of signatures required, who may circulate or sign petitions, or most other design features.


In previous legislative sessions there have been questions about how practical such a change will be, given the amount of information that must be on petitions to get issues on the ballot. There may be little room for signatures once all of the other necessary information and warnings are placed on the smaller page. It should be noted that eight-and-one-half by fourteen is the standard size for other kinds of petitions (such as nominating petitions).


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