Housekeeping notes

A couple of things the last week.

Got a message at home from the Code Reviser's office. The sizes of petitions have been changed twice. In 1913 they were initially set at 12×14 (probably something to do with standard size of newsprint at the time) and again in the early 80s at the current 11×14. Seems that nailing down some details on the discussion in the early 80s on the current size would be a good idea.

This message reminded me as well that I haven't always said the right thing when I talked about the current requirments. They are 11×14, not 11×17 (which is twice the size of 8.5×11). I'll try to keep my story straight from now on.

Sent an email to Shawn Newman, local head of the Initiative and Referendum Institute, about what he knows on petition sizes. Newman isn't loved by all, but from my memory, he sounds like a straight shooter. Plus, he works at St. Martins now, and those monks don't just hired anyone.


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