Thanks to the Washblogers (Chad and Nathan)

Good discussion over at Washblog, some good criticism of the idea.

One good point was the security of the petitions, if we made it easier for anyone to print out and collect signatures, who would know what they were signing was a legit petition or simply a fake knock-off of a real one they had heard about.

My response would be that there is a risk of that happening right now, the only thing stopping people is that its hard to print out fake petitions when they have to be so large. I guess you have to weigh the benefits of a cheaper and easier to access initiative process against the possibility of people wrecking the party.

Nathan brought up a good point about people printing out their own petitions and how it would relate to PDC reporting. That’s something I need to talk to someone about. Thanks Nathan.

He also wrote that it would be labor intensive for the SOS office to make sure everyone was turning in “true” petitions and not knock-offs (see above), but I think that would be a process handled by the campaign itself prior to turning it their signatures. That is something I hope they do already.


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