sample petition back up

That didn’t take me long. Discovered a new resource for old initiatives so I didn’t have to do alot of deleting.

UPDATE: Based on some email insight last night, I decided to try to get the pages down to two so that the actual petition would be one page, two sided. Still, anyone with a home printer can do two sides, they just have to reload their paper and print one side at a time.

It makes sense, petitions are handled a lot between the time they’re printed and the time they’re sent into the SoS office, so making sure they don’t have to be stapled would be a good thing. To do this I had to put the petitioner’s pledge box on the front page, putting the number of signature lines down to six.

Not all campaigns could use a regular sized page for their petitions because the necessary language would be so long. Its important to note that I’m seeking a change in the allowed minimum size. If a campaign wants or needs to use larger paper, they can.


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